China'S Modern History: From The Opium Wars To The Present

China is a country with a strikingly interesting history. No wonder the well-known Chinese curse says: “Live in an era of change!” For the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire in the 19th and 20th centuries, it became a reality. Rapid changes first brought the Qing empire to its knees, then brought China into a nightmare of internal and external wars, led it through a period of political experiments and led to the current state. Don’t know enough about the history of one of the main countries on the planet? No big deal, let’s try to fix it.

From the opium wars and uprisings, we’ll get to the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward of the Mao era.

We will talk about Deng Xiaoping’s reforms and Chiang Kai-shek’s policies and figure out why Shanghai was called the pearl of the East.

We will find out what caused the Sino-Japanese War, the bloodiest and longest part of the Second World War.

Let’s look in the past for the reasons for the successes and failures of today’s China.