Dictatorships: Essentials

Dictatorships are considered to be absolute evil. Dystopias are written and filmed about them, although only 80 years ago, almost a third of the globe lived in countries with a dictatorial regime. At the lecture, we will learn why a widespread dictatorship was inevitable, how after the First World War communism, fascism and Nazism managed to conquer the world, and the leaders captured the hearts of millions.

First, let’s try to establish when and where dictatorial regimes arose. Let’s find out what brings them together or distinguishes them. Let’s figure out what role the image of the “leader” played in the minds of the population, and how modern technologies have helped in a short time to plant people with a radical ideology. Finally, we will try to answer the question of what benefit the new regime brought to the people, and why the dictatorship did not provoke widespread protests.

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