History of the French monarchy

Marie Antoinette, numerous Louis and Napoleon. French monarchs have been with us since childhood, in films and books. To understand what they really were, let’s dig a little deeper and understand the origins of love and hatred for kings in a country that is considered the cradle of revolutions. Among the kings were both the Saints, the Pious, the Beloved, the Mad, the Crooked and the Lazy: we will understand the dynasties, learn how stories turned into novels and films, and understand how the monarchy itself made the Great French Revolution inevitable.

Trace the entire path of the monarchy from the state of the Franks to the Great Revolution.

Find out why the main cathedral of France is not in Paris, but in Reims.

Delve deeper into the traditions of the monarchy and find the sources of antagonism with England.

Take a look at how the Bourbon dynasty went from love to popular hatred.

Understand the history of France, rediscover historical films, TV series and books, and try to reveal the secret of Napoleon’s unceasing popularity.

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