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Virtual Events

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt will have you and your faraway friends and colleagues chasing clues, messaging and collaborating in real-time, and drinking up that thrilling sense of getting closer and closer to your goal.

Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show

Watch—and in some cases learn how to do—dazzling tricks based on slights of hand, loopholes in perception, and the wonderful art of misdirection.

Virtual Homebrewing

Perfect for any beer connoisseur—that person who knows what glass (and cheese) to pair with every single brew, that person who can name hop varieties by smelling them, that person who takes enough notes during beer tastings to have plenty of intel for a home-brewing adventure.

Virtual Pictionary

Embrace the digital world with a wide range of indoor, outdoor, venue specific and virtual events with something in there for everyone to fulfil the aims and objectives of your event.

Virtual Cooking Class

Virtual cooking classes usually feature live stream instruction, delivered ingredients, and fancy tips and tricks you once thought you could only learn as a sous chef in a top French kitchen.

Virtual Sound Bath

This delightfully immersive, but relaxingly passive, event will have you and your guests connecting over the shared experience of sound. You won’t have to talk at all as meditative sounds wash over you and open your mind and senses to new delights.


We are an event website helping companies build better culture. We offer hundreds of experiences that are all easily bookable online, from hosted game shows to virtual classes to DIY experiences with shippable experience kits. Our mission is to make workplaces more fun and to inspire happier employees through the exciting and memorable events we create!
If your team is so large that you can't find a fitting option on our website, write us an email at or use a contact form, and we will arrange an event matching your team size!

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