How American Culture Conquered The World

The American Dream, Hollywood and music, all that is heard when it comes to American cultural expansion emerged in the 1920s, the controversial era of the birth of black jazz and the revival of the Ku Klux Klan. At the lecture, we will talk about how at this time the culture of the United States became the culture of the whole world, and their problems became global.

Let’s look at the paradoxes of the era: how freedom and diversity were combined in the United States with blatant intolerance. Let’s move on to the economic changes that came with the commercial boom of the 1920s and see how that wealth disappeared a decade later. Let’s touch on the political changes in the country, and, of course, we will not lose sight of the “female” question – after all, it was in the 1920s that the first women ministers and aviators appeared, and the question “What does it mean to be an American?” also has the right to live.

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