Why And How To Comprehend Artworks

It can be difficult to comprehend a work of art. Especially if it was painted centuries ago. For us, “Mona Lisa” is a portrait of an ordinary Renaissance girl with an enigmatic smile. And what did da Vinci’s contemporaries see in her? During the lecture, we will master the techniques that will help you better understand the paintings and enjoy them. We will learn to notice details and interpret ancient and modern works.

What influences our perception of art and why do we see the same paintings differently?

What role does the era play in the understanding of art and how the semantic load of paintings is distorted?

How important museum labels are and whether or not they need to be read?

Does it make sense to prepare for a trip to the museum and what to do if there is no time or desire for it?

How does the reproduction differ from the original and why is it important to consider the original?

We will answer these question and find out if there is a difference in the perception of ancient and modern art.

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