Conspiracy Theories Throughout History

Widespread Masonic conspiracies. The threat from the Jewish people. W.I.T.C.H. The Jesuit conspiracy. Collusion in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Illuminati. Reptilians. Everything from Roman politics to Kennedy’s assassination. From pestilence to autism, humans have come up with conspiracy theories that have lasted for millennia and still do now. A distance of many centuries separates us from these beliefs, making them seem ridiculous and even ludicrous. Moreover, several of them resulted in the deaths of hundreds, if not millions, of people. Why did humans come up with them in the first place? In the lecture, we’ll try to make sense of it.

Discussion of the history of conspiracy theories, from antiquity to the 20th century, from the United States to China. Collect the main stories and characters. Let’s be clear about what constitutes an intelligent attitude to conspiracies (they do happen after all!) Conspiracy theories are a source of information. Come on, let’s uncover the limits of our own apprehensions. Consider also the current conspiracy beliefs that hinder us from coexisting.

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