History Of The English Monarchy: From Founding To Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II has ruled Great Britain for 69 years, but she has no power: the country is ruled by parliament. However, most English people support the monarchy and value their history, which is why the country continues to be called a kingdom. In the lecture, we will recall the history of England: from revolutions to limited monarchy, democracy and modernity. We will understand why the monarchy is still alive here and will never disappear, despite the problems with popularity, money and power.

The webinar will begin with ancient kings, when the country was still called Britain. Find out how the country has united around London over time.

The story of  the Norman Conquest will be told and why the British and French fought each other for centuries.

We will take a look at the Tudor dynasty and, in particular, the history of Henry VIII.

We will discuss the relationship between religion and the position of kings on the throne.

We will look into the Georgian era and pay attention to the personality of Queen Victoria.

Let us conclude why the British still value their monarchy.

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