Middle Ages People: Their Belief Systems And Mentalities

When we talk about the Middle Ages, we remember the Crusades and the Hundred Years War, knights and monks, caliphs and emperors. In a word, people and events. But behind events there is always a belief and a way of thinking of people. What made people go to distant lands, free the Holy Sepulcher or burn a heretic at the stake? Why did they believe that kings can heal with the laying on of hands, but were they ready to follow Jeanne D’Arc? To answer these questions, we will try to turn not to events, but to their seamy side – the colours, symbols and images of the Middle Ages.

We will learn how the people of the Middle Ages wanted to perceive themselves and how the images helped them navigate in reality.

Let’s talk about coloured rivers and gloomy forests, about ladies’ ribbons and vows in churches.

Our conversation will be guided by colours and sounds that, in the lives of people in the Middle Ages, as well as today, played an important role.

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