Our Services

Team Building

Invest in your business’s success with a bespoke package of team building exercises that will improve communication, boost morale, and promote creative thinking and problem-solving. Our bespoke events encourage the improvement of working relationships through our team bonding exercises.

Virtual Events

We’re adapting our business to offer more remote solutions. So, we’ve created a remote working team experience to keep employees motivated, engaged and connected – all without leaving the comfort and safety of home. We also have the technology and equipment to help businesses adapt their remote communications and engagement.

Event Management

If you’re looking for an event management company to help you put together a fun and memorable event, you’ve come to the right place. We design and manage a wide range of conferences, incentive and reward programmes, evening events and private parties.

Treasure Hunts

Embrace the digital world with a wide range of indoor, outdoor, venue specific and virtual events with something in there for everyone to fulfil the aims and objectives of your event.

Project Management

Every event, large or small, needs to be effectively project managed, however, the larger more complex events require particular project management skills. Such complexities are inherent in those events that run over a number days or even weeks, have large footfall, are of high value and include multiple guests facing facets involving an extensive range of sub-contractors to be coordinated.


Given the current environment, Virtual Conferences or Meetings are increasing in popularity and providing our clients with the ability to stay connected and engage their audience. There are a number of ways that this can be done and based on your objectives we would provide you with our recommendations.

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step Guide

Decide on a theme

The best themes are catchy, relatable, and trigger an emotional response. You want the conference to inspire and stimulate conversation. Your theme has to enable that.

Settle on a date

Now it’s time to decide when your conference will take place. As discussed, that date should be anywhere from six months to a year ahead.

Assemble your team

You’ll need a dedicated team of people to assume responsibility for different aspects of the planning, negotiations, and promotion. Otherwise, everyone will be unhappy.

Book the venue

Once you know the date, you can start looking for available venues that match your requirements.

Prepare a budget & business plan

Whether your conference is funded by sponsors or not, you’ll have to put together a budget. You need to know where your money is being earned and spent. Since all services are individual, at the rate of 300-600 pounds per event.

Line up your speakers

This may just be the most critical step of all. Your speakers are the stars of your conference. You want a solid lineup in order to attract attendees and guarantee a professional experience.