History Of The Spanish Monarchy

The history of the Spanish monarchy is full of wars, disintegrations and reunions, betrayal and nobility. The Spaniards proclaimed a republic several times, but each time they returned to the old order and welcomed the new king. At the same time, today it is not easy for Philip VI to maintain the authority of the royal family. During the lecture, we will talk about how the Spanish soul is reflected in the history of the kingdom, and we will trace the history of the monarchy from Catholic kings to modern times.

Did you know that the scattered kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula have united into one country and why the numbering of the Spanish kings does not start from the beginning?

Why were Isabella I and Ferdinand II called “Catholic kings”?

How did the Austrian Habsburg dynasty pass the throne and how did Spain experience its rise and fall under them?

What became the main concern of the Spanish kings in the 18th century?

How did the Spaniards create and themselves destroyed their republic?

Why did King Alfonso XIII, despite his personal charm, lose power after 41 years of reign?

Let’s discuss how the monarchy was restored in Spain and what problems it has today.

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